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What is BioEra?

BioEra is a visual designer for analyzing bio-signals in real time. It can be used with any bio-feedback device that has ability to send bio data to computer.

BioEra on PocketPC

Teeth grinding 3D graph

What is it for?

BioEra provides environment and tools to create various types of processing tasks. It can be used for anything like research, games, self exploration, entrainment, sound processing or even video analyzer/mixer. Each task is contained in a design. To create a design, no programming skill is required, only understanding of the whole process and its requirements.

How it works?

BioEra provides mechanisms to create custom designs. Each design represents signal flow from input (e.g. biofeedback device) to output (e.g. visual or sound feedback). The flow can be customized with using over 120 built-in objects (elements) in visual designer. For example the amplitude of alpha brainwaves can be filtered from input EEG signal, then at certain threshold it can trigger MIDI, video or a computer task. There are hundreds built-in functions that can be used in a design.

Is BioEra for biofeedback only?

Biofeedback is primary goal for BioEra, but in fact it can be used for any type of digital signal processing (DSP).

On which OS BioEra can run?

BioEra has been confirmed to work on Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X , PocketPC PDA and linux PDA. It should work as well on other systems if java is supported.

What can be done with BioEra?

BioEra provides highest performance, flexibility and options not found in any other software. It can easily process dozens of channels simultaneously and in real time, many types of biofeedback devices can be operated together all in the same time. It has been tested for up to 4 million loops per second on Pentium 4, 2.4GHz processor.

Most popular features: